Anti Snoring Nasal Snore Stopper

Anti Snoring Nasal Snore Stopper

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Type:Anti Snore Nose Clip

Pressure Range:4-20 cmH2O

Work Mode:CPAP

Material: ABS,Silicone

Colors: Blue, White, Red

Size :60*30*20mm

Age For :adult /children

Package Included:1 x Snoring Clip(With box)


【Snore Kill】: With scientifically designed, it can maximize airflow in the nasal passages to help you breath purified air smoothly and feel more comfortable while sleeping that stops snoring without any medication.

【Premium Quality】: Made of high quality medical materials plus comfortable BPA free and non toxic silicone which making this solution the most comfortable anti snoring device on the market.

【DURABLE & REUSABLE】: It was made to be washable and reusable. you can the nose vents inside to protects against dust. Also perfect to take to travel for its portable size. Recommended effective duration 5-8 months.

【EASY TO USE】: Easy to wear and take down, just directly insert the snoring nose vent into the nostrils then get sleep without snoring and sniffing during all night.



Do not tear down this product, just wash it as a whole part, otherwise, it will be useless.If you wear it for the first time, and feel difficult or uncomfortable to breathe, this is a normal phenomenon, because there is a process to adapt to this product, use it a few times, you'll get used to it, and this situation does not have any impact on the human body.


How to prevent snoring?

1.To strengthen physical exercise, maintain good habits.

2.Avoid alcohol, tobacco, hobby, because smoke can cause respiratory symptoms worsen, alcohol aggravate snoring, call at night Disorder and hypoxemia, especially before drinking.

3.for obese people to lose weight actively, strengthen the movement, our experience is a weight loss of 5% More than 10%.

4.Prohibit sedative and sleep medications before going to bed to inhibition of respiratory center adjustment.

5.The side lies sleeping position, especially in the right side, avoid during sleep tongue, soft palate, uvula Relaxation after falling, aggravating on air way blockage, but during sleep is a small ball, helps keep side Fowler's sleep.

6.After surgery patients to give priority to with pap, do not eat hot food, avoid strenuous exercise.

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