Activated Carbon Filter Mask

Activated Carbon Filter Mask

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  • Feature:

    Material: Cotton

    Model: Parent-child

    Size: Two sizes
  • The replaceable activated carbon filter can remove most of the haze, smoke, pollen, smoke, chemical substances, etc. This mask will help you breathe in a cleaner and healthier way.
  • Cotton-proof outdoor face protection mask with transparent goggles,
  • The earrings are easy to adjust, so the mask fits your nose and mouth perfectly. The size can be adjusted to suit most people's head types.
  • There is a nose clip that can be shaped to increase the sealing effect of the mask and prevent the glasses from fogging when breathing.
  • The mask can be used to protect you from harmful  particles, PM2.5, vehicle exhaust, wood products, pollen allergies and smoke. It is ideal for people who are at risk of respiratory diseases and live or travel in areas with high air pollution/smog levels.
  • The mask shell can be washed when it gets dirty, and the filter is replaceable.
  • The mask and eye mask are linked together to protect the entire face and eyes

Package Contents:

2 x child masks, 2x adult masks

2 x children's filters, 2 adult filters

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